10 Cheap Holiday Party Themes For Families

Are you planning a party for this holiday season? Would you like some original ideas that will help you have the party people will still be talking about way into the New Year? Then you must read on because below are 10 cheap holiday party themes for families.

Christmas Tree Decorating – The theme of your holiday party can be Christmas tree decorating. You can invite your family over to pitch in so they can add their own personal touch to the tree. It is an excellent way to keep your guests happy and entertained plus it allows them all a chance to participate in the festivities.

Sing-A-Longs – Having a sing-a-long is a great party theme that allows everyone to gather together and sing holiday songs. You entire guest list will be filled with the Christmas spirit before going home.

Party Games – What’s a party without games? You can have a variety of games that are appropriate for each age group. The guests that do not want to actually play the games will have a great time cheering everyone else on.

Outdoor Games – If you live in areas where you can gather together outdoors for fun activities this makes a great holiday theme. If you live in the colder climates you can take part in an ice skating tournament or sledding. If you live in the warmer climates you can have a softball game or badminton tournament.

Decorating Party – This theme allows families to gather together and decorate your home for the holidays. It is a creative way for your family to spend time together and have fun getting into the holiday spirit, which is why it is one of the top 10 cheap holiday party themes for families.

Baking Party – A baking party can be a lot of fun, just make sure that everyone you invite loves to cook or loves to eat. You can bake Ginger bread cookies, cakes, pies or any other item you enjoy. The reward for all your hard work is being able to eat the baked goods after everything is done.

Gift Exchange – Your holiday party can be Christmas themed and you can have the whole family get together and exchange Christmas gifts. If you have a large family then drawing names in advance is suggested to eliminate the problem of having to buy multiply gifts that could get very expensive.

Costume Party – Who said costume parties are only for Halloween? There are many great costumes that are available that would be perfect for this holiday season, which puts costume parties among the top 10 cheap holiday party themes for families.

Girls Only Party – Sometimes the women of the family just need to get together without the men and this is the prefect way. It gives all the women in the family from the grandmother to the youngest child an opportunity to gather together and enjoy spending a wonderful day together.

Caroling – Having a caroling party is a great idea. The whole family can get together and go door to door signing holiday songs. It’s fun and entertaining and after the singing you can all gather around the fireplace and sip specialty coffees, cider or hot chocolate together.

Holiday and parties just go together and having a theme for your party will help everything run much smoother. By choosing one of the 10 cheap holiday party themes for families listed above, you will be able to have the party of the year without spending a lot of money.